In today’s Vendor Interview Series instalment, we get to know a little bit about…

Teresa Mazzella of Create a Soulful Life

Teresa Mazzella

This is what Teresa had to tell us when we asked her about her and her business:

I am in the coaching industry —

I offer 1:1 coaching, Intuitive sessions, Spiritual workshops and retreats.


How did you choose what you wanted to do?

I have been supporting women for 18 years. I have also been a solo entrepreneur for 18 years.

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2001 when I became an aromatherapist and reflexologist (among many other holistic and energetic modalities). I began a small business in my home by offering a variety of holistic treatments. It grew quickly so I decided to open up a holistic treatment spa outside of my home. It also grew quickly and I even received business awards such a “young entrepreneur of the year”. It was AMAZING.

In 2009 my first son was born and in 2010 my second son was born —

In 2010 I moved my business back into my home to spend more time with my family.

Not too long after that, in 2012 my health declined to the point where I had to completely let go of my business. I was diagnosed with lyme disease.

After that, I spent an entire year re-discovering myself and what brought me joy.

I leaned into sacred practices, deep mindset work, harnessed my intuition and completely honoured my value of spirituality.

My mind, body and soul eventually healed and I found myself creating a new business.

During that time I became an angel practitioner and an integrated energy therapy master instructor.

I began offering angelic guided clarity sessions which led me to many amazing women entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs.

I then decided to go back to school for positive psychology which led me to embrace coaching.

I now combine intuition, spirituality, positive psychology and my many years as an entrepreneur to support other spiritual entrepreneurs and spiritual women.


How do you stay organized?

I have schedule which I resisted for a long time as a spiritual entrepreneur —

I have found a beautiful flow in a schedule.

I also use amazing platforms to help me and my clients stay organized.


What are you most proud of about your business?

I am most proud of the amazing women that surround me each and every day — soul sisters, biz besties and my amazing clients.

I am proud that I took the leap before I was ready.

Teresa Mazzella 

How do manage work/life balance?

I have a solid sacred self care practice and that is a foundational piece creating flow within my life and business.


What would someone be surprised to find out about you?

I sing and when I am not with my kids or working within my biz you can find me performing in a local theatre production.

I am a third generation entrepreneur.

I am certified and trained in pet massage.


What is the best book you have read for business or personal growth? Or, what are you reading right now?

So many….

The Seat Of The Soul
The Prosperous Coach
The Law of Divine Compensation
Self Compassion

and many more — every single book I have read had impacted me in some way

Reading now…
The 15 Invaluable laws of growth


What is your favourite inspiring or motivational quote?

Be The Change You Want To See ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Keep Shining Your Light 

What advice would you give to another woman just starting her own business?

Trust the nudges and your intuition, be patient, step out of the “planning” and take action towards that goal or desire each and every day EVEN if it a small step — small consistent steps in the direction of your desires will create big shifts and give you the clarity you are searching for.

Nourish your mind, body and soul with deep mindset, self compassion and sacred practices —

Sacred self care IS a big part of creating a successful business.


Thank you so much to Teresa for taking the time to answer our questions.

If you are in the area, be sure to stop by the Women’s Expo to say ‘Hi!’ to Teresa.

In the meantime, you can find Create a Soulful Life online here:
Facebook: /groups/soulfullifeandbiz
Instagram: @teresamariamazzella

About the Vendor Interview Series:

When we started to plan our inaugural Women’s Expo, we wanted it to be more than just another vendor’s market and workshop event.

We wanted to create a sense of community. To create connections and get just as excited about each other’s businesses as we are about our own.

We planned a pre-event meetup so that the vendors could get together and get to know each other before the ‘big event’, and we tasked them with some ‘homework’ that they have probably never had to do before when participating in a vendor market style event, (this Interview Series being one of their tasks).

It was our vision that with the information that they provide us with, we do as much as we can to showcase, and highlight these hardworking women, not only the weekend of the Women’s Expo, but as often as we possible could in the weeks leading up to it.

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