In today’s Vendor Interview Series instalment, we’re going to get to know a little bit about Nancy Sinasac Drew of NancyJo Knits.

But first, a little bit about the Vendor Interview Series….

When started to plan our inaugural Women’s Expo, we wanted it to be more than just another vendor’s market and workshop event.

We wanted to create a sense of community. To create connections and get just as excited about each others businesses as we are about our own.

We planned a pre-event meetup so that the vendors could get together and get to know each other before the ‘big event’, and we tasked them with some ‘homework’ that they have probably never had to do before when participating in a vendor market style event, (this Interview Series being one of their tasks).

It was our vision that with the information that they provide us with, we do as much as we can to showcase, and highlight these hardworking women, not only the weekend of the Women’s Expo, but as often as we possible could in the weeks leading up to it.

Balancing life and work is hard and we are so honoured that they are choosing to spend some of their time with us <3

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the interview!

Nancy Sinasac Drew of NancyJo Knits

Nancy Sinasac Drew

This is what Nancy had to tell us when we asked her about her and her business:

I hand make (knit and crochet) one-of-a-kind items, both wearables and home fashions, and offer them for sale.


How did you choose what you wanted to do?
As a child, my mémé taught me to crochet. I am a self-taught knitter.

During my 30+ years in my career in education, these two crafts were a source of stress relief, but with little time to devote to them. After retirement a couple of years ago, I went back to them in earnest, and my business was born!

I now knit and crochet because it makes me happy.

I love to try new yarns and techniques, and search both out to see what kind of marriage they will make. I look for something that will teach me something new, provide a challenge, or that is just plain beautiful!

I rarely, if every, make the same thing twice.


How do you stay organized?
This has been evolving.

Since my business is home-produced and has only a web store, organization is mostly about dealing with things in a timely manner, responding to emails and other inquiries, and keeping materials accessible and at-the-ready. The latter has been a challenge, as my materials threaten to overrun the house!

What are you most proud of about your business?
I am proud that I seem to have been able to take something I enjoy doing and share it with others. I am humbled that my family is proud of me as well.


What vision do you have for the future of your business?
I hope to just keep creating things people want.

I don’t intend for this ever to get very big. I spent my career in a field that could get very political, and where sometimes I couldn’t make anybody happy.

My business now is for me – there is great personal satisfaction in seeing someone enjoy something I made.


What is the best book you have read for business or personal growth? Or, what are your reading right now?
I’ve read lots professionally, as I was a school Principal and read books on leadership quite regularly. A book on school leadership by Dr. Anthony Muhammad, “Transforming School Culture” influenced my leadership style tremendously.

After I retired, I became very interested in the work of Dr. Stuart Shanker in the area of self-regulation, which is about stress management. His books, as well as his articles and the website are a wealth of information that has informed my personal growth over the past couple of years.


What is your favourite inspiring or motivational quote?
We are all responsible for our own happiness. (Not exactly a quote, but a maxim I live by)


What advice would you give to another woman just starting her own business?
Do what makes you happy.


Thank you so much to Nancy for taking the time to answer our questions.

If you are in the area, be sure to stop by the Women’s Expo to say ‘Hi!’ to Nancy.

In the meantime, you can find NancyJo Knits online here:
Etsy: /NancyJoKnits
Facebook: /nancyjoknits