Tuesday, April 30th
Pelee Island Winery - 455 Seacliffe Dr, Kingsville

Get out from behind your computer screens and join us for an evening of wine & wisdom!

Come make connections with the local entrepreneurial women that are hustling in their business and following their hearts to pursue their passions.

You don't have to be a member, or even a business owner to attend.

This evening is for ALL women to come out and connect!

Lee-Ann Dueck Epp of Ginger Snaps! will be talking to us and recapping her Women’s Expo Empowering Workshop

Outside In: The Power of the #selfieproject!

Pelee Island Winery will be selling wine by the glass, and any purchases made in the retail shop that evening will be 20% off.

Make a girls night of it and bring your favourite ladies with you!

TICKETS $20**in advance ~ $25 at the door (CASH, CONTACTLESS DEBIT, CREDIT)

Lee-Ann Dueck Epp ~ Ginger Snaps!

I am a photographer. It's a privilege to work with people and to show them the beauty I see through my lens.

I've heard every version of why someone thinks they don't look good in pictures. It's tough to hear sometimes because I truly believe that every human is uniquely beautiful.

As is with life, I had some lessons to learn. I couldn’t keep taking pictures of other people and telling them everyone is beautiful, without believing it of myself. I was hiding. And I was hurting myself with the words I was saying in my own head to my own heart.

So my little selfie project started. It's proven to be a great marker of my inner and outer progress as I started understanding why I got so lost in the first place and some incredible strategies to avoid slipping back there.

I'll be sharing bits of my journey with you, the ups and downs and some of the things I learned along the way about myself personally, and on a larger scale, how as women - we need to take up the space we deserve instead of trying to shrink.

Vulnerability, putting ourselves out there, taking risks to grow and to be authentic - what does that look like as a Female Solopreneur?


Thank you Lee-Ann for bringing your camera along and grabbing a few shots for us at our inaugural meet-up on January 31st at the Leamington Art Centre!
(Photo credit: Ginger Snaps!)