Thursday, March 21st
Pelee Island Winery - 455 Seacliffe Dr, Kingsville

Get out from behind your computer screens and join us for an inspirational evening!

Come make connections with the local entrepreneurial women that are hustling in their business and following their hearts to pursue their passions!

You don't have to be a member, or even a business owner, to attend!

This evening is for ALL women to come out and connect!

The evening will include a talk from Lindsey Ecker (The Healing Power of Nature, and Holistic Health and Wellness Expo & Inspired Healthy Living Summit Coordinator) about

The Importance of Self-Care... as a woman and small business owner

Pelee Island Winery will be selling wine by the glass, and any purchases made in the retail shop that evening will be 20% off!

Make a girls night of it and bring your favourite ladies with you!

TICKETS $20**in advance ~ $25 at the door (CASH ONLY)

Lindsey Ecker ~ The Healing Power of Nature

My Name is Lindsey Ecker and I am a healer. I help people realize Nature and all things Natural can heal our body, mind and soul in gentle and loving ways.

Since my childhood I have loved being in Nature. You could certainly find me at the pond, creek or river talking to any animals that would listen and collecting all sorts of berries and plants for my little projects and experiments. Willow branches braided and dyed with elderberries for crowns and little baskets were a favourite and then as I got older Sassafras tea and hand carved toothpicks piqued my curiosity.

As a mother, energy worker and health strategist I am thankful that homeopathics, herbs and essential oils and energy heal without side effects or worry.

I have been working with clients using these tools for 7 years and love sharing with other healers how they can thrive in their life and business in a new way.

“The body has the ability heal. Nature guides this process of healing. We can tap into this potential for healing by using therapies that respect the Laws of Nature, strengthen the body and promote vitality.” - Jacinta Willem ND


What an incredible evening our first (EVER!) meetup was!

Thank you to all of the ladies that braved the cold and joined us on January 31st at the Leamington Arts Centre.

The evening was exactly what we had envisioned... and more!

We look forward to seeing you on March 21st!

Thank you Lee-Ann for bringing your camera along and grabbing a few shots for us!
(Photo credit: Ginger Snaps!)