How do you feel about setting goals?

Are you actively pursuing a goal right now?

I see the first step in setting growth goals is to identify a few key values.

What you believe to be important creates the desire to realize it in your life and subconsciously or deliberately you choose in favour of this value.

When you become aware of what you value and understand how you make decisions, you will see the space to set exciting goals to help you grow personally and professionally!



ACTIVITY: Choose your Top 5 values from the following list – Which do you identify with most deeply?
Authenticity               Achievement               Adventure
Balance                    Beauty                         Boldness
Compassion             Community                  Creativity
Curiosity                   Determination              Fairness
Faith                         Fame                           Friendships
Fun                           Growth                        Happiness
Kindness                  Knowledge                  Leadership
Learning                   Love                            Loyalty
Meaningful Work      Openness                    Peace
Pleasure                   Reputation                  Respect
Responsibility           Security                      Service
Spirituality                Stability                       Wealth

REFLECTION: Have you thought about the relationship between your values, behaviour and goal achievement?

Your values are at the root of your behaviours every day.

What are you trying to achieve throughout your day?

Three critical elements of reaching your goal is to:

#1 – Clarify your goal,
#2 – Attach urgency and then
#3 – Identify the resources you need


Feeling like you have to be perfect can limit you

In the Female Solopreneur Community, I recently went live, talking about showing up authentically and vulnerably. I didn’t wear lipstick. I didn’t use my fancy lighting or webcam! It was just me sitting on my yoga mat introducing my dog and my daughter’s colourful art taped to the wall!

Feeling like you have to be perfect can limit you and stand in the way of you realizing your dream and making real connections!
Is perfectionism limiting you!?

A common value is to strive to create more happiness, love and prosperity in our lives. We want good friends, secure meaningful jobs and healthy loving families AND we have an idea of what this “should” look like.


I often looked out of the grand foyer windows in my suburban home wishing I was somewhere else

Incongruence: When your reality is not aligned with your values, you will experience conflict.

When you don’t get what you think you “should” have, feelings of anger, disappointment, resentment and frustration take over! Or you could get numb and depress.

When you are stuck, there is no flow of abundance and life feels like a series of hurdles to overcome, problems to solve with expensive vacations in between.

What picture of perfection do you have in your mind?

Are you feeling stuck, disappointed, frustrated?

In my 20s, I worked hard at creating my picture of perfection and mostly succeeded (or so I thought), yet I felt trapped, sad, and lonely most of the time.

I often looked out of the grand foyer windows in my suburban home wishing I was somewhere else.

There is a quote that became my mantra about Truth, by Charles Haanel:

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

I then added at the end “I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

This mantra created a sense of acceptance, peace and trust in the direction of my path. I still repeat this often to myself throughout the day, feeling the truth of each of these words in my life.

Soon, I began to let go of my rigid picture of perfection, letting go of the fear of “keeping it all together” and see past it all to the beauty and love surrounding me.

Ironically, if you notice, the second quality in the mantra is “I am… perfect”.

YOU are created without error, there were no mistakes made when you were created.

You are created perfectly. We are all perfectly created.

So, armed with this wisdom, see that goals can accentuate your life, enhance what you already have!

Now please share in The Female Solopreneur Community. Tell us your Top 5 Values and your #1 Goal!

With love,


The Female Solopreneur Classroom

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Make Perfectionism Work for You! - 3 Critical Elements for Reaching Your Goals