Ah planners!

I have such a love/hate relationship with them.

I LOVE the idea of being so organized. Yeah sure, I’ll write down all of my appointments, to-do list and goals.

I HATE that I never actually do that!

I have “used” a Passion Planner for the last three years now and they have recently changed their sizing option which had me thinking that, if I have to make a change, maybe I should take a look at what else is out there.

And so the hunt begins!

Last year, I tried using two planners. The compact Passion Planner to keep record of appointments and to time block (keeping track of where I was spending my time – work, flex time, etc.) It was basically a snapshot of how I spent each day.

I used the classic Passion Planner for my side hustle. To-do lists, ideas. All that fun stuff. I did not like that there were times in the daily columns so I covered them up with washi tape (can you say, cute and colourful but sooo time consuming!?!)

Tara's 2018 Passion Planners

I’m on a mission this year to consolidate into one planner.

Oh, and it has to be pretty!

That is non-negotiable!

What else am I looking for in a planner?

  • A monthly spread that does not have lines in it
  • Weekly spreads with lines for writing and no times
  • It would be nice if within each day there was some sort of separate space to keep personal and business appointments and to-do lists separate
  • A monthly goal page would be nice
  • Blank pages at the front or back are not necessary but would also be nice

After doing a poll in the Female Solopreneur Community Facebook group and a Google search of the best planners for 2019, I have a (modest) list of twenty-six sites to check out.

My tea is made and I am ready to dig in!

I’ll be back in the next post to bring you a breakdown of my favourites. (You can check out my top 7 picks HERE)

Do you have your 2019 planner yet? If you feel like doing so, please share with us in The Female Solopreneur Community Facebook group, which planner you will be using and why.

Talk soon,




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 On the Hunt For a New Planner - Part One