If you are waiting for the perfect time to start your online business, guess what, that time doesn’t exist. The right time however is now… as long as you have a plan.

Are You Ready to Go From Passion to Profit? ebook
  • You know your 'why' - what your true calling is and the passion that you NEED to share with the world.
  • You know who your dream client is - you know exactly who you will be serving and are ready to find her/him through social medial, local events or a combination of both.
  • You are ready to get social - put your business, and yourself, out there on social media to make the connections and friendships that will help build your business

What else are you ready for? What do you need to do next?

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Are You Ready to Go From Passion to Profit?

How to know when it’s time for you to start your coaching business

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You don't have to be great to start. But, you do have to start to be great. ~ Zig Ziglar


A safe community to make connections with other like-minded women, share your progress as your business grows and be there to encourage others on their journey.


Friends for almost 30 years, Kelly MacLellan, M.Sc. of Embrace Your Life Coaching and Tara Brown of This Girl Right Here wanted to create a community for female solopreneurs to share their journey with like-minded solopreneurs.

Kelly MacLellan, M.Sc.

Kelly MacLellan, M.Sc.

Kelly mentors passionate, idea generating women to grow and succeed in business.

Her clients are active, intelligent, entrepreneurial women who are passionate about helping others in their business all while caring for themselves. They seek harmony, joy AND to be financially rewarded!

She has been where you are, full of passion and ready to share but without a real plan or strategy.

Several years have passed since she began her journey and today she has accumulated a decade of tips, tools that she has infused into programs designed to guide you to turn your passion into a growing successful business.

When we get quiet enough, we will hear that the answers we seek are within.

Tara Brown

Tara Brown

Tara found a passion for visual identity branding and web design doing projects for her clients as a virtual assistant over the past 5 years and fell in love with creating beautiful, well-functioning websites that her clients could easily manage on their own.

She then found her purpose by taking what she has learned and passing it on to you!

It is her goal to show you that Design-It-Yourself visual identity development and web design does not have to be overwhelming – in fact, it’s empowering!

She believed she could, so she did.” ~ R.S. Grey, Author