You are are an active, intelligent, entrepreneurial woman who is passionate about helping others in your business all while caring for yourself.

You are, full of passion and ready to share but you don't have a real plan or strategy.

Ideas can be SO uplifting, energizing! However, harnessing the passion and focusing on completing tasks can be difficult! Especially as a solopreneur!

Harmony, joy and being FINANCIALLY REWARDED is possible!

You can build a business that financially supports you AND your loved ones AND allows you more resources to share your gifts in the world!

You are ready to change and tired of going it alone.

You don't need to travel this path by yourself!



Learn from other solopreneurs, like yourself, the tired and true tips, tools and resources that they have used to start and grow their business.


Share your your struggles and triumphs in a safe community with like-minded solopreneurs that have been where you are, and are where you want to be in business.


Have your own personal cheerleading squad behind you. Lend and receive support to and from one another along the way.

Join us in our FREE Facebook group, The Female Solopreneur Community. Make connections with other like-minded women, share your progress as your business grows and be there to encourage others on their journey.


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. ~ Henry Ford